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We are happy to explain to you how the ICSI-process works. Do you have any further questions after reading the page? Or do you have a specific question regarding your mare or mares? Please contact us. For us it is daily work, but we can imagine that this new technique may raise questions.


ICSI step-by-step

  • Mares are taken to the University of Utrecht for the OVU-treatment. During this treatment, under sedation, they remove follicles from the mare
  • In the laboratory it is then immediately checked how many good egg cells from the follicles can be used.
  • The useable egg cells are sent to Italy where our frozen semen is stored.
  • In Italy a snip (part) of a straw of frozen semen is defrosted and each egg cell is then fertilised with sperm.
  • After this the fertilised egg cell is cultivated. After 7 days it is checked whether an embryo has formed.
  • If an embryo has formed it is frozen and sent back to Utrecht.
  • Once in Utrecht the embryo is stored in its frozen state.
  • In Spring the embryo is defrosted as soon as the recipient mare has ovulated and is thus ready for implantation of the embryo.
  • The embryo is placed in the uterus of the recipient mare.

This year too we have reserved a number of dates when ICSI-treatments can be carried out at the Utrecht Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with a number of stallions. We offer you the opportunity to participate. Are you interested? CLICK HERE