Insurance embryos

After purchase, the foal can be insured. Also insurance can be taken out for the embryo which is allready implantated in the recipient mare. For information about the possibilities and taking out insurance for your embryo, please contact us for more information.


Rearing and the birth center

Seldsum Stables offers rearing options for young horses. We also prepare mares and stallions for the selections and approvals and we ride young horses on and on.
Esther Hovenga also inseminates mares and embryos are rinsed and transplanted. 
At Seldum Stables you can bring pregnant mares to give birth and to fertilize later (and this also via ET).



Storage and implantation of embryos

After the purchase of frozen embryos or straws with frozen semen, we can take care of the further storage. For the implantation of an embryo in the recipient mare, we gladly work together with recognized veterinary clinics. Due to the high success rate (75-80% in 2019), we recommend having the implantation done at the  Universiteitskliniek in Utrecht




Storage straws

The straws with frozen semen are stored correctly in liquid nitrogen at StuDutch in the Netherlands and can be picked up there after authorisation of the highest bid. If you want to pick up one or more straws, please contact StuDutch see info below.



For more information and prices don't hesitate to contact us